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These days, you cannot have a successful business without a strong online presence. A digital marketing strategy gives you direction and focus. Without a strategy, it’s hard to know what you need to do online to achieve your business goals and to measure how successful you are. We will provide a custom-made framework that lists all the key digital marketing activities needed for your business to enhance your online presence and sales.





We use the See-Think-Do-Care model as a guideline. This is a marketing framework in which your target group is central to various phases of the online marketing funnel. For each step, we define the target group, the customer goal, the marketing goal, the message, the types of content, and the channels with the most effectiveness.
Our Process

Our Process

Create a message

Together we look at your company’s vision and establish a message that will reach your specific target audience.


Next, we will analyze your current situation. We will measure your digital efforts by means of several tools, and we will do a competitor analysis. This analysis provides us with strategic context to identify opportunities and threats.

Implementation & Results

Based on all this information we will determine which channels are important to your company and together we will create a digital marketing funnel. This will form the foundation for all your digital marketing activities.

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